A KDT JU project, aiming to develop efficient edge-AI systems that can overcome physical limitations, comply with regulations, enhance European strategic autonomy, and address security concerns associated with IoT and edge devices.


The mission of REBECCA is to develop efficient and secure edge-AI systems using open CPU architecture, to enhance European strategic autonomy and sovereignty.


Real-time defect detection in PV panels on UAVs using computer vision and deep learning algorithms.

AI-powered fridges that recognize food with image recognition using edge-AI capabilities and a custom lightweight detector for real-time processing directly on-board.

High-speed damage inspection and vision in the loop on semiconductor equipment using advanced AI and computer vision algorithms to enhance visual inspection and localization capabilities in pick-and-place equipment.

Water infrastructure inspection using high-precision VSLAM and video processing to control drones, climbers, and wall inspectors, with a prototype.


REBECCA is powered by a consortium of 24 partners, bringing all the background knowledge needed and documented expertise across all necessary fields.